About Us

About 7Sanabl

7 Sanabl Trading and Contracting Company is a local company founded in 2002 Headquartered western region - the city of Jeddah, which is specialized in various fields such as general contracting of residential, commercial, educational and recreational buildings, maintenance and cleanliness and interior contracting, electrical and mechanical works and contracting of thermal insulation work and contracting water works, sanitation and road works and paving and Asphalting and cleanliness of the cities Our motto is that the safety first ,master work quality of service and fast delivery .

The company has been given a certificate of classification No. 19863 in the following areas:-

  • Buildings (housing, health, and recreational and educational) -------------- 4th degree
  • Buildings maintenance ----------------- 3th degree
  • Water and Sanitation works --------------- 5th degree
  • Electrical works --------------- 3th degree
  • Mechanical works ----------------- 3th degree
  • Roads maintenance ------------------ 5th degree
  • cities cleaner and waste disposal ----------------- 5th degree

Message from The Chairman

7 Sanabl Company for Trading and Contracting and thanks to god have been founded on solid foundations by virtue of those who made it experience and they also attracted many people with expertise and efficiency, making it not only of what has or including accomplish achievements, The company’s management and the grace of god Almighty always strives for further expansion and growth and achieve goals dedication and mastery, where the company has been able since its inception to the implementation of many government and private projects, the quality that satisfies our customers thankfully. The company’s management strategy, seeking to have their work on a high level of quality and professionalism, and not only to provide the services required by the customer, but also try to expect what has been done and needs on the ground out a sense of responsibility and continuous improvement of services provided to the client. Here we are pleased to offer you the profile areas in which the company operates public and private projects carried out by the company. In conclusion, we thank and gratitude for each browser to the company website and we welcome your suggestions constructive, hoping that we will have the chance to service you all.

Eng. Gamil Al-Awadhi

Vision and Mission:

With foreseeing the Vision 2030 and the National Program shift the construction sector emerging as one of the most important sectors, which contribute to the implementation of the vision projects and achieve its ultimate goals. Our company vision is to become a distinct companies within the private sector companies in the Kingdom and to keep pace with all developments of the level of the best and highest quality to match the achievement of Vision 2030 Our mission is a commitment to providing a high level of performance and commitment to quality and technical standards of the assets. To provide the best services to our customers as we believe that the performance and customer satisfaction is linked to attracting quality technical and managerial competence and continuity of the development of performance and this is treasured by our company.